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    Scajaquada Corridor Updates

    On December 18, 2017, public comments closed on the Final Environmental Impact Study (FEIS) for the Scajaquada Corridor project. The PCA submitted this letter to the NYSDOT. 

    On Wednesday, January 25, 2017 the New York State Dept. of Transportation presented the Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS) for the Scajaquada Corridor project. Comments were accepted until February 8, 2017, after which time the NYSDOT will either amend the DESI or proceed into design and construction to be started winter of 2017. 

    Please see this PDF for comments from Parkside Community Association regarding the Scajaquada Corridor Project.

    Voice your concerns directly to our city officials

    Click here to send an email to city officials voicing your concerns regarding neighborhood traffic issues. These emails will also be sent to the PCA traffic committee, so we can try to help address these concerns in our neighborhood. 

    Click here to send a pre-written letter to city officials, regarding our community concerns with traffic safety and the Parkside Florence construction project.


    Traffic Calming Signs

    Once again, due to the high interest of Parkside residents, the individual PCA Traffic Committee members have personally contributed the financial resources necessary to launch a traffic calming sign campaign.  The first 100 signs were dispersed in a matter of days!  These signs have gotten the attention of the media, as well as drivers and residents who are frustrated by the constant barrage of traffic infractions throughout our neighborhoods. 

     In response to the success of our initial order, another 100 signs have been ordered by the committee. Please consider contributing to this campaign to make our streets safer. Each of these signs cost approximately $10 dollars to produce, so please consider a donation of at least $10 via the below link when requesting a sign.  

    It is our committee’s hope that another successful campaign will assure future actions on our streets! Signs may be picked up, and donations may be made online (above) or at the PCA office, 2318 Main Street.

    WIVB coverage of PCA efforts: Parkside residents send message to drivers to slow down

    Parkside Traffic Survey

    Thank you for taking the time to complete our recent neighborhood traffic survey! Our committee is reviewing your comments and concerns, and will be working to address them with law enforcement.

    Traffic Committee Mission and Principles 2016-17

    The purpose/mission of the PCA Traffic Committee is to promote both pedestrian and vehicular safety and enhancement of the neighborhood quality of life.  

    Our goal is to work for a safe and accessible neighborhood for all of our residents, young and old, walking, biking, and driving. To that end, we are concerned with travel at safe speeds and respect for all of those in the neighborhood.

    ~~Our Basic Principles~~

    Parkside is a diverse neighborhood (residential, institutional, and commercial) that was designed around its greatest asset, Delaware Park. We should protect park access, both for neighborhood residents and for those visiting the park from outside the neighborhood.

    Cultural institutions in Parkside are neighborhood and civic assets that should be conveniently accessible to visitors, and a balance should be struck between that goal and the quality of life of home owners and families within Parkside.

    Neighborhood streets were not designed to handle heavy traffic. Daily, peak hour commuter traffic of speeding cars driven by impatient motorists should be diverted from the interior streets to the main thoroughfares, Delaware and Main streets in particular. We recognize that the interior streets have an entirely different character than these main thoroughfares that were designed to handle greater traffic levels. Interior streets should not have the levels of traffic as that of the main arterials, and drivers should expect to see children and pets and drive accordingly.

    All motorists are expected to respect traffic laws governing speed and follow the directions of signs and traffic lights. Special attention needs to be paid on the interior streets as these are used differently by neighbors.

    Further, we need to recognize that increased traffic brings increased negative environmental and health consequences for our streets, homes, people and pets. We will need to be increasingly aware of the impacts we do not see but can impact us nonetheless.

    Finally, we recognize that many of those commuters who drive through our neighborhood do so as a means to get to their destinations quickly rather than to access the park or cultural institutions. We need to help these commuters find other ways to get to where they are going and make that more possible for them. Cut-through traffic undermines the quality of life of Parkside’s residents.

    For more information please see our sub-menus:


    The Issues

    Toolboxes (The city and Parkside's)

    The PCA Traffic Committee is involved with traffic, pedestrian and transit issues in the Parkside area. Our goal is to work for a safe and accessible neighborhood for walkers, bikers, drivers and riders. The committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month. If you are interested in joining the committee or have an issue you think the committee needs to address, please email us at pcadirector@gmail.com or call the PCA office.


    Parkside Traffic Study

    Please see below for additional information regarding the City of Buffalo's Parkside Traffic Study, as well as the project map for the Parkside Florence roadway reconfiguration. 

    Parkside Traffic Study Part I of IV

    Parkside Traffic Study Part II of IV

    Parkside Traffic Study Part III of IV

    Parkside Traffic Study Part IV of IV

    If you have a traffic concern or suggestion, please join in our efforts! You can contact the Traffic Committee by emailing traffic@parksidebuffalo.org or you can attend our meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at the PCA’s Main Street office. 

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    Annual Appeal

    Please consider donating to Parkside Community Association Annual Appeal!

    All money raised helps support continuing non-profit programs of the Parkside Community Association—among them are the Summer Arts Camp for kids, Aging in Place, Crime Prevention, Housing Advocacy, Arts and Crafts Show, Traffic Safety, the renowned Parkside Tour of Homes and Garden & Architecture Tour, and the popular free summer “Movies in the Meadow” series.