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Welcome FairyCakes to Parkside

FairyCakes CupCakery is hosting a grand opening celebration at their new retail location at 289 Parkside Avenue, across from the Parkside entrance to the Buffalo Zoo.  The store will open it's doors this Saturday October 29 from 10am-8pm, offering "give-aways" and lots of cupcake fun.

The Parkside Community Association is looking for YOU!

We hope that you will join our association and that you will find your membership rewarding, knowing that you are helping maintain and better our remarkable historical treasure of a neighborhood.  We are lucky to reside in an area that offers such great diversity with neighbors from all walks of life.  We pride ourselves in this fact and our mission is to advocate, communicate, and act on behalf of the Parkside neighborhood to preserve and enhance the q

Parkside Holiday Art & Craft Show


Mark your calendars for the 7th Annual Parkside Holiday Art and Craft Show, scheduled for Saturday, November 30th.  Avoid the stampede at the shopping malls, and get your loved one something handmade, personal, and beautiful instead this holiday.  The affair will run from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Episcopal church of the Good Shepherd, 96 Jewett Parkway. 

PCA Halloween Party 2013


The annual Parkside Halloween Party will be held once again on Thursday, October 31st at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, 96 Jewett Parkway, from 5:30-7:00 pm.  This wildly popular event is free and open to the public, whether or not you're a Parkside resident or PCA member.  Come enjoy a series of games, music and treats to start off your night of trick-or-treating. We hope to see you all there!

Location:  The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, 96 Jewett Parkway

Time:  Thurs, 10/31/2013 - 5:30pm - 7:00pm

PCA Board of Directors



The PCA Board meets monthly and all board members serve on various committees and assist with PCA functions. This volunteer board is a group of hard-working individuals committed to serving the mission of the Parkside Community Association.


2012 Board of Directors


Executive Board

President: Monica Cichon

Vice President: Eric Harvey

Treasurer: Jessica Pirro

Secretary: Tom Ziobro


Members At Large

Vicky-Marie Brunette

George Emery

Jerry Gallagher

Pat Lalonde

Ruth Lampe

Christopher Lavey

David Mann

Annie Reed

Renee Ruffino

George Stock

Susan Udin

Bonnie Weinberger

Rich Wolf



Board of Directors Resource Page

Parkside Historical Walking Tour this Saturday

On Saturday, September 10th, the PCA in conjunction with Buffalo Tours will offer another walking tour of Parkside, starting from the Church of the Good Shepherd at 10am.   $10 adults , $5 students.  

PCA Century Plaques

By now you've probably heard that Buffalo will be hosting the 2011 National Preservation Conference, schedule to run from October 19-22nd.  It's a chance for the City to shine in a national spotlight, and planners are hoping it will help rebrand Buffalo from the frozen tundra people expect to the wonderful place we know it to be.  A significant reason our city was chosen has to do with the $50 million renovation of the Darwin Martin House nearby, and we can expect  a good amount of attention to be paid to Parkside as a result.

If you were ever interested in certifying your home through our Century Plaque program, there's still time to do so before this conference.  While it typically takes a couple of weeks to verify the date of each home, as well as 4-6 weeks to fabricate each bronze plaque, If you were to order yours soon, there's still time to have your home certified before the conference.

Otherwise, they make excellent holiday gifts as well, for those inclined to think that far ahead.  For more details, visit the PCA Century Plaque Page on our website and fill out the online information contact form, or contact us directly to get started.

Accident on Parkside Ave.

This afternoon there was a head on collision of two cars at the corner of Parkside Avenue and Florence Avenue.  While we await word to see if anybody was seriously hurt, the PCA remains very concerned about the nature of this intersection.  It was not long ago that a driver lost control late at night and barreled over a lawn, crashing into 123 Parkside Avenue, shaking the house off it's foundations.  Since that time, we have been working with the Depar

PCA Revolving Loan Fund


Looking to tackle those long delayed home improvements this spring?  The PCA and BCFCU can offer low-interest short term loans to help you get started with a number of eligible exterior improvements.

  • Reserved for properties in the Vernon Triangle (between Amherst, Main and Fairfield)
  • It will be restricted to Low-mod income families:

Income Limit - 110% AMI

Movies on the Meadow This Friday

This Friday, August 12th, the PCA kicks off our 2011 Movies on the meadow series with A night at the Museum, starring Ben Stiller.


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