Traffic Committee

The PCA Traffic Committee is involved with traffic, pedestrian and transit issues in the Parkside area. Our goal is to work for a safe and accessible neighborhood for walkers, bikers, drivers and riders. The committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month. If you are interested in joining the committee or have an issue you think the committee needs to address, please email us at or call the PCA office.

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PCA Traffic Committee Update 

Like everyone else at the end of a year, the PCA Traffic Committee is looking back on the accomplishments and hopes of an eventful year, considering what we’ve done and what is yet to do.

 In 2014…

1.) We worked with the city on the Parkside Traffic Study including attending and responding to three stakeholder meetings as well as the City’s public meetings at St Mary’s

2.) We met many times with the Zoo and Olmsted to coordinate our efforts for Parkside Avenue and throughout the community

3.) We met with the Greenfield Block Club and members of the Humbolt Parkway community to review their proposals for their parts of the neighborhood

4.) We saw adjudication passed at the State level that will allow for parking enforcement monies to remain in Buffalo rather than going to Albany

5.) We met with the community police representatives to convey our community concerns

6.) We issued response to the NY Department of Transportation regarding the Elmwood Bridge and saw them change their approach to be more in line with community goals

7.) We issued a letter to the NYSDOT for studying the removal of the 198 and worked with Assemblyman Ryan’s office to address the NYSDOT’s approach to the 198.


It was an eventful year, and 2015 will see many changes-beginning with the changes to the Florence Avenue intersection this summer, revisions to Parkside Avenue to become a 3-lane configuration, as well as the significant changes that will be coming to the Amherst Street and Linden Avenue intersections.


 If you have a traffic concern or suggestion, please join in our efforts! You can contact the Traffic Committee by emailing or you can attend our meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at the 

PCA’s Main Street office.