PCA Sponsors


    Established 1963

    Historical Time Line of the Parkside Community Association

    1963- 2015


    President: Jack Anthony

    • Parkside Association is formed as volunteer organization.

    • Geographic borders were established.

    • Seven committees are formed to focus on organization, membership, block meetings, schools, legal and zoning, realtor contact, neighborhood problems, and publicity.


    President: Jack Anthony

    • Involved in planning for new School 54

    • Wins first prize in the city-wide “clean-up Fix-up Paint-up” campaign.  Handsome grass rakes presented to all participants.

    • Over 75 residents attended the second organizational meeting in March during a heavy snowfall.

    • Formally incorporates as a not-for-profit corporation, as Parkside Community Association of Buffalo, Inc.

    • Large number of trees removed due to the Dutch elm disease. City has no money to replant

    • Committees begin to meet and annual dues are established at $2 per year.

    • Christmas caroling scheduled for December 27 on steps of Church of the Good Shepard.


    President: Jack Anthony

    • Investigates plans for Parkside/ Scajaquada underpass

    • PCA urges use of DDT to control Dutch elm disease and homeowners buy their own replacement trees

    • Prepares and distributes brochure “Who Needs Suburbia”, touting the advantages of Parkside

    • Presents a “Candidates Night” for the offices 20th Ward Supervisor and Delaware Councilman

    • PCA receives support from Central Park-NorthPark clergymen.


    President: Jack Anthony

    • New School 54 is dedicated

    • Fence is installed along railroad tracks at Greenfield

    • Committee is formed to maintain the racial balance of School 54

    • PCA assists in the creation of University Heights Community Association

    • Neighborhood awareness rises on practiced and dangers of block busting

    • Supplemental Art Program is started for students of St. Mark’s and School 54.  Classes held in Central Presbyterian Church.

    • PCA meets with real estate agent accused of block busting.  He claims he never did it and he won’t do it again.


    President: Jack Anthony

    • Increased burglary activity becomes a concern

    • Stronger contacts are made with Precinct 17

    • Contacts to TriCo management after complaints of excessive noise

    • Assists in the creation of the Kensington-Leroy Association (now known as FLARE)

    • Contacts real estate firms where instances of inappropriate sales techniques are found

    • Forms committee to promote home repairs and to congratulate those who do a good job at keeping up their property


    President: Richard Griffin

    • Matching funds are obtained from the city for tree planting

    • Letters are sent to the owners in need of repair

    • Voices opposition to TriCo’s proposal to use land on Greenfield Street for additional parking


    President: Richard F. Griffin

    • Block Parent program begins

    • Sisters of St. Joseph move into their convent on Summit Avenue

    • Central Community School is founded at Central Presbyterian Church

    • Successfully opposes a zoning variance for a fraternity house on Crescent


    President: Richard Griffin

    • Continues efforts at promoting home repair

    • Keeps neighborhood informed on progress of rapid transit work


    President: Richard Griffin

    • PCA voices concerns over safety in the Park

    • Participates in planning for improvements to Delaware Park


    President: Richard Griffin

    • Identifies absentee landlords as a problem for good property maintenance

    • Judge Denman addresses the Annual Meeting on housing code enforcement

    • Joins with other groups in opposing demolition of the Prudential Building (now Guaranty Building) in Downtown Buffalo

    • Sponsors a spring cleaning after residents complain that the neighborhood looked “grubbier” since the City no longer rolled out cans on garbage day

    • Sends letters to support the Mayor, the Superintendent of Schools and School Board members on their collective efforts towards school integration

    • Revenue sharing funds become available $150,000 will be spent on projects as decided by residents of the neighborhood


    President: Ruth Lampe

    • Board tours Frank Lloyd Wright House for first time

    • Redlining and Bank Disinvestment pose as major concern of Spring Meeting

    • PCA ensures block grant money for loan subsides, 312 loans, paint, and insulation

    • $150,000 revenue sharing funds are used for capital improvements in business districts

    • New halfway house on Main Street stirs controversy. Board urges more community input into locations and operation of halfway houses

    • Neighbors continue to advocate for Parkside- Florence St light with a street demonstration

    • State Education Department provides PCA $3,000 grant for cultural enrichment of students in School 54 and St. Mark’s


    President: Ruth Lampe

    • PCA rents first office at 2629 Main Street

    • PCA subsidizes attic insulation. CETA workers install insulation for elderly

    • Parkside Annual Walking Tour is commences

    • First historical brochure “PARKSIDE: A Historical and Architecture Tour” is produces

    • PCA secures $23,00 to build Tot Lot

    • Oakwood Place residents fight to preserved historical streetlights

    • PCA & Board of Realtors produce booster pamphlet on Parkside

    • PCA battles unsuccessfully for rapid transit station closer to neighborhood than Humboldt

    • NBCDC offers Summit recreational program at St. Mark’s

    • Seven (7) streets closed part-time during the summer as “play streets”

    • PCA conducts neighborhood-housing survey


    President: Ruth Lampe

    • Renaissance Festival is held

    • First full time staff is hired

    • Central Presbyterian Church opens day care center

    • CETA crews concentrate on minor repairs and painting of houses of seniors

    • PCA secures Block Grant Funding for Concentrated Code Enforcement. Five-year program provides more than ¾ million dollars of public funding for housing improvements

    • Mini- educations grant offers trips, black history and neighborhood history for the St. Mark’s and School 54 children

    • “Candidates Night” features Mayoral race between James Griffin, Arthur O Eve, and John Phelan


    President:  John Holenski

    • Second Renaissance Festival is held

    • Amherst Street bridge closes for 2 years

    • PCA helps design Delaware Tot Lot

    • First PCA T-shirts sold (the brown shirts)

    • Concentrated Code Enforcement begins in Vernon Triangle

    • CETA Paint Program paints more than 10 homes for the elderly

    • PCA help advocate for designation of Delaware Park as an Olmstead National Park

    • Proposed plans for Delaware Park & Zoo Renovation major issues at Spring and Fall meetings


    President: George Schaeffer, Executive Director: Frank Buffamonti

    • Phase II of housing program begins

    • NYS funds first full-time staff Director

    • 160 people enjoy third annual PCA walking tour

    • School 54 is designated magnet Early Childhood Center

    • Stuffed Mushroom holds the first annual “Run for the Kids”

    • PCA sponsors several home repair clinics with Housing Assistance Center

    • Good Shepherd Church hosts first Parkside Neighborhood Halloween Party

    • Completion and maintenance of Tot Lot major issues at two neighborhood meetings

    • Frank Buffamonti is hired as the PCA’s first Executive Director at a salary of $15,000 (5/1/80 – Special Board Meeting)


    President: Lawrence Faulkner, ED: Frank Buffamonti

    • Block Contact network is started

    • First Tot Lot Program is organized

    •  Parkside News takes in current format and regular publication schedule

    • “Neighborhood Watch” Program is initiated for childcare, gardening and food purchase

    • Slow prosecution of neighborhood rape suspect is the subject of large neighborhood meeting

    • Phase I of CCE Housing Program ends; property values rise 77% in Vernon Triangle during two years of program

    • Phase II of CCE Housing Program was implemented

    • PCA helps organize “The Wright Way in Buffalo.: First and only tour if all Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Buffalo

    • City and PCA subsidize sale of shrubs, trees, and grass in Neighborhood Landscaping Programs. 30 trees planted

    • Neighborhood pushes for more community input into planning of Rapid Transit stations; secures improved elevator system at Amherst stop

    • Certificate of Incorporation is amended in order to grant 501 (C) (3) status to the PCA


    President: Larry Faulkner- stepped down, ED: Derek Bateman

    President: Judy Shanley (3/25/82)

    • Babysitting Coop is organized

    • Food drive for needy is conducted

    • Final phase of CCE housing program begins

    • PCA battles reduction in police in Precinct 17

    • Second Parkside T-shirt is produced (the white shirt)

    • Neighborhood opposes “Video Arcade” on Main Street

    • 10-year effort to “clean up” Delaware Lake successfully completed

    • Goldie Hawn and Burt Reynolds film movie “Best Friends” on Summit Avenue

    • PCA advocates keeping community intact during Common Council redistricting

    • Dynamite blasting for Rapid Transit disturbs neighborhood, creates rodent problem

    • Skills Exchange Program is organized, a listing service to promote sharing of residents’ specialties

    • Tour of Parkside, city-wide festival and fireworks in Delaware Park mark Buffalo Sesquicentennial

    • Housing Committee drafts a letter to be sent to homeowners who are out of compliance with city code


    President: Judy Shanley, Program Director: Derek Bateman

    • PCA sponsors Home Security Fair

    • First Julie Lewitzky calendar distributed

    • First Gala is held at Darwin D. Martin House

    • Block Watch results in arrest of five burglars

    • Funding for code enforcement program concludes

    • PCA Culture Vultures stage Emily Dickinson review

    • History & Tour committee works to win historic designation for neighborhood

    • The movie “The Natural”, starring Robert Redford, is filmed at Parkside Candies

    • Parkside Federal Credit Union holds charter meeting, opens business for September 19

    • A record of 200 homes takes advantage of the paint program, Over 550 houses assisted in 5-year program

    • Bitterness over the way the housing committee dealt with the home inspection process is an issue


    President: James Verso, Program Director: Derek Bateman

    • Cheese Distribution Program starts

    • St. Mark celebrates Diamond Jubilee

    • Second Julie Lewitzky calendar is produced

    • Bulk Bidding Weatherization program begins

    • Annual Christmas Decorating Contest is started

    • Gilbert & Sullivan review staged by Culture Vultures

    • Energy Audit program is funded to encourage weatherization

    • Design of rebuilt Brothers of Mercy building stirs controversy

    • Meetings address parking problems on Orchard Place due to bars

    • Discussions were had over whether or not to invest in computers for PCA use

    • Five blocks receive formal recognition as Block Watch Blocks bringing total to 8


    President: John P. Fahey, PD: Derek Bateman

    • PCA planned a trip to Wonderland, Ontario for Parkside

    • PCA established the Neighborhood Crime Prevention Program

    • City of Buffalo plans to solve the water pressure problem in Parkside

    • The City of Buffalo sponsored a Free Paint Program for homeowners in Parkside

    • The Stratford School, a post-secondary vocational-technical school, opened on Main Street

    • PCA and Wilson Farms co-sponsor a Community Notice Board containing information of programs, want ads, and other information of interest to the community

    • PCA encourages individuals to express concern about the quality of Delaware Park and to take action

    • Solar Power serves as an alternative for some Parkside residents to reduce their high heating costs

    • A new halfway house for young adults with learning disabilities to be placed on Jewett Parkway without disclosure to the community

    • Central Presbyterian Church celebrates 150 years!


    President: John P. Fahey, ED: Derek Bateman

    • PCA proposed to expand PCA boundaries

    • Neighborhood Preservation Crime Prevention Program was renewed

    • PCA makes plans to renovate 2318 Main Street as new PCA Office and two apartments

    • “Bulk Bidding” of insulation and other supplies continue to save Parksiders money

    • School 54 was the recipient of the 1986 National Award for Excellence in Academic Achievement

    • Parkside homes become “hot”. Real-estate agents can’t get enough listings to meet the demands


    President: Robert Kilduff, ED: Derek Bateman

    • PCA supports police plan to increase security and safety

    • Increase in car burglaries rises concerns for Parkside neighborhood

    • PCA awarded the Eleanor Roosevelt Community Service Award by Governor Mario M. Cuomo

    • PCA awarded $1,500 contract from the Arts Council in Buffalo & Erie County to fund artistic instructors

    • PCA receives $56,000 contract from NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal to conduct housing programs

    • An adolescent Parkside neighbor who invented a long neck hanger won school and city invention contests and received a prize in a national contest



    President: Robert Kilduff, Ed: Derek Bateman

    • Third Julie Lewitzky calendar is produced

    • PCA contracts with NYS to conduct crime prevention program for all of North Buffalo

    • PCA sponsors revolving loan fund for home repair through Parkside Credit Union

    • PCA advocates protecting Delaware Lake from flooding due to construction of shopping mall upstream

    • 300 residents attend Spring Meeting to hear new plans on Delaware Park. Parks Department boycotts meeting


    President: Bill Wisnom, ED: Derek Bateman

    • Parkside resident received State Teaching Award

    • The Delaware Tot Lot received new equipment from the City of Buffalo

    • Neighborhood couple start “Greens Group” to help sustain the ecology and economy

    • Task force composed of representatives from various businesses in and around Parkside opposed Niagara Mohawk’s proposed plan for a PCB storage site

    • PCA faced continuing difficulties with getting funds to revamp 2318 Main St. to be used as PCA Office


    President: Bill Wisnon, ED: Derek Bateman

    Acting President: John Fahey

    • President Bill Wisnom resigns during summer due to a move to Albany

    • PCA moves office to 2329 Main Street temporarily and continues to face difficulties with regard to 2318 Main St.

    • A portion of Ring Road in Delaware Park was closed off to cars to increase park safety

    • PCA informs neighbors that special care is vital to the trees’ health and asks neighbors to do what they can

    • Niagara Mohawk is ceasing handling with PCB’s due to negotiations between the Council member and the utility


    President: Michael Rossetti, ED: Derek Bateman

    • PCA founder, Jack Anthony, honored by the Buffalo News

    • Residents protest Zoo plans for the Parkside Ave Wall

    • Master plan of Delaware Park finally released to the public

    • Parkside residents challenged to help save the Martin House

    • PCA moves into long-awaited new office at 2318 Main Street

    • Niagara Mohawk stops operating as a large scale PCB processing facility

    • Tot Lot dedication of the new playground and picnic shelter brought out Mayor, Kiwanis, and a large crowd

    • Parkside is scheduled to receive streetlights keeping historical character and providing more illumination


    President: David Cady, ED: Derek Bateman/Mary L. Simpson

    • Derek Bateman resigns as ED in March and Mary Simpson begins her position as executive director on April 13

    • PCA co-sponsors North Buffalo Day at the Zoo

    • 400 volunteers showed up for the annual Glad Bag-a-Thon

    • PCA considers hiring private security to patrol Parkside

    • Parkside residents receive Citizens Award for National Night Out

    • PCA credit union made a first mortgage thanks to the recent merger

    • New wall as part of the elephant exhibit adjacent to Parkside Avenue is complete

    • Inactive block clubs are encouraged to participate in the crime prevention services to decrease the level of crime to an acceptable level


    President: David Cady, ED: Mary L. Simpson

    • Darwin Martin House is slated for restoration

    • Mural painted on Parkside Garage by the Summer Arts Program

    • PCA and Sister’s Hospital make plans to help victims of domestic violence

    • The Mayor’s Offices awarded Parkside “Neighborhood Beautification Award”

    • 30th Anniversary Gala and Street Fair Celebration for Parkside were a huge success

    • Parkside Street Light Project slows down sue to complex circuitry on some streets

    • PCA co-sponsors seminars for tenants and landlords on their rights and responsibilities

    • PCA opposes the Zoo’s proposal for a six-acre Natural Forest Display between the Zoo and Amherst Street

    • Hills Department Store sponsors programs for youth encouragement to stay in school and to be drug free

    • Parkside Neighborhood served as a part in the World University Games and played host to many people all over the world


    President: Ruth Lampe, ED: Mary L. Simpson

    • PCA hosts Breakfast in Delaware Park

    • Inauguration of the Dead Bolt Lock Discount Program

    • CEPA Metro Bus Show displays work of kids in the Summer Arts Program

    • Safe Passage, a domestic violence shelter, received $170,000 in federal funds and in fundraisers

    • PCA’s funding is in danger due to possible cuts of the Neighborhood Preservation Program by Governor Pataki


    President: Ruth Lampe, ED: Mary L. Simpson

    • Neighborhood housing survey planned

    • PCA Crime Prevention Committee formed

    • 1st Annual Brunch in the Park was held

    • PCA sold canvas bags to help the environment

    • Parkside Residents help repaint Fairfield Library

    • Summer Arts Program reached new heights this summer

    • PCA sponsors Champagne Gala at the recently refurbished Tri-Main Center

    • State funding was restored to previous year’s levels thanks to the support of neighbors

    • Phase 1 of the reconstruction of the Martin House was discussed with Parkside neighbors

    • Sister’s Hospital, Haven House and PCA restored Safe Passage House for victims of domestic violence

    • Buffalo Bills Banner was made by the Summer Arts Program that is hanging in Rich Stadium


    President: Lois Baker, ED: Mary L. Simpson

    • PCA sponsors “Parkside in Bloom”

    • Membership drive exceeds its goal

    • PCA’s clubs and committees all make significant progress on important issues

    • PCA board member , Joel Rose, received award for his role and volunteer hours in the Police Commissioners Citizen’s Advisory Group (CAG)

    • Neighborhood survey is conducted to provide PCA with resident’s feelings on quality of life issues

    • PCA sponsored tour of the neighborhood for elected officials, foundation heads, and corporate leaders

    • State Division of Housing and Community Renewal is no longer going to fund the organization


    President: Lois Baker, ED: Mary L. Simpson

    • Benedict House opens

    • Crime rate in Parkside decreases

    • PCA celebrates its 35th anniversary

    • Fairfield Library celebrates its 100th year

    • PCA holds 3rd annual Brunch in the Park

    • PCA Summer Arts Program celebrates its 15th year

    • Mayor Masiello announced the Neighborhood Matching Fund for Parkside groups

    • Parkside Avenue sidewalk projects begins improving sidewalk quality and replacing diseased trees


    President: George Stock, Executive Director: ??

    • Parkside Garden Club formed

    • PCA holds its 1st Garden Tour

    • PCA concerned with the land use if the zoo relocates

    • Parkside Federal Credit Union offers micro-business loans

    • Greenfield Street Block Club formed and help its first meeting

    • Home Tour Committee formed for Parkside Interior Home Tour

    • New “Welcome to Parkside” sign installed at corner of Parkside and Florence

    • PCA’s Crime Prevention Committee makes plans for a Community Oriented Police Satellite (C.O.P.S.) Station


    President: George Stock, Executive Director: Kathy Peterson

    • PCA mission statement updated

    • Parkside residents make 1934 Blue Book

    • An increase of vehicle break-ins alarm residents to take action

    • The BRIDGE, Computer and Kids resumes for the school year

    • New winter holiday lighting spectacular exhibited in Delaware Park

    • Neighborhood historical landmark, St. Vincent’s, is restored by Canisius College

    • PCA secures $10,000 grant through the US Dept. of Agriculture for tree planting

    • Erie County Legislature Judy Fisher awarded $5,000 to PCA for tree planting in Parkside

    • Benedict House selected as one of HUD’s Top Best Practices from across the United States

    • Parkside summer Program received $2,600 from the Arts Council in Buffalo and Erie County

    • PCA residents volunteer to paint a “Welcome to Parkside” sign on the overpass at Starin and Amherst as well as Main and Greenfield


    President: George Stock, Executive Director: Kathy Peterson

    • PCA hosts 2nd Annual Home Tour

    • PCA hosts 3rd annual Garden Tour

    • Summer Arts Program completes its 18th year

    • PCA sponsors Parkside Antique Appraisal Day

    • PCA offers advice for tenants and landlords on successful renting

    • The Flint Hill Marker commemorating the 1812 encampment was dedicated with 60 persons present


    President: Michael O’Sullivan, Executive Director: Kathy Peterson

    • PCA offers crime prevention tips

    • Redesign work is done on the Humboldt Wall

    • PCA and Martin House host tours of the Barton House

    • Parkside residents do holiday caroling in Delaware park

    • Jewett Jamboree closed off Jewett Parkway for the afternoon

    • PCA endorses an off-site visitors center and trolley transportation system for the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House as a solution to traffic and parking

    • PCA secures funding from SUNY State Education Dept. for after school program in collaboration with School 54


    President: Michael O’Sullivan, Executive Director: Kathy Peterson

    • PCA hosts 5th Annual Garden Tour

    • PCA advises residents on shopping safely

    • Parkside Summer Arts Program celebrates its 20th year

    • PCA’s After School Program celebrates the full first year

    • Parkside Century Home Plaque Program was introduced

    • Parkside Residents address concerns of pets being left alone for an extended period of time

    • PCA secures funding for low-interest revolving loan program for homeowners in the Vernon Triangle

    • Blue Can program introduced to help recycling collection. It outlines pertinent information on refuse and recycling collection as well as fines for failure to comply


    President: Michael O’Sullivan, Executive Director: Kathy Peterson

    • Traffic Committee formed to address safety concerns

    • PCA offers a successful renting workshop for landlords and tenants

    • Parkside Summer Arts Program collaborates with Mark Twain Museum on a boat model-building workshop

    • Parkside Community Association celebrates its 40th year of advocacy and service with a Champagne Gala

    • Summit Block Group Celebrates 35 years making them the oldest block group in the neighborhood

    • Channel 7, Business First, Art Voice, and Buffalo Spree promoted Parkside neighborhood as a great place to live



    President: Michael Reister, Executive Director: Kathy Peterson

    • 6th Annual Tour of Home

    • PCA hosts one large community yard sale

    • Central Day Care closes its doors permanently

    • Parkside’s After School program marks its 5th year

    • PCA becomes Delaware District Housing Court Liaison; noticeable improvements were made to several properties

    • PCA hosts the annual Halloween Party as a safe alternative to trick-o-treating

    • Buffalo Zoo asks Parkside residents for help in growing food sources for the animal

    • PCA housing committee starts a beautification and sidewalk project to replace old concrete

    • Central Church houses Buffalo’s first charter school specializing in mathematics and science

    • Traffic Committee made major progress in the safety of the neighborhood and studies for multiple four-way stops, cameras at signals, enforced policing, safer pedestrian crossing etc.


    President: Michael Riester, Executive Director: Kathy Peterson

    • PCA resumes Movies in the Meadow

    • PCA launched Parkside Science Club

    • 7th Annual Tour of Homes drew 500 people

    • Beautification and sidewalk project is underway

    • Work from summer arts program displayed at Burchfield-Penny Art Center

    • General Mills and WENDT foundations contributed to the funding of the Parkside Summer Arts Program

    • Traffic Committee implemented more changes including 2 four-way stops and “no left turn 7am-9am” signs

    • Parkside C.O.P.S./ Citizen Preparedness Center announces Emergency Preparedness training

    • PCA’s After School Program kids work on an Art Project for BUNY Buffalo’s Anderson Gallery

    • Parkside residents are encouraged to take the Lalonde Challenge: A Parkside member of 20 years agrees to match 25% of all membership increases and new memberships


    President: Janice Barber, Executive Director: Kathy Peterson

    • Central Presbeterian Church at Main Street & Jewett Parkway closes
    • Summer Arts Camp celebrates its 25th anniversary



    President: Janice Barber, Executive Director: Kathy Peterson

    • “Peoples Park” next to the Tri-Main Building opens to the public in May

    • PCA takes part in the “Great American Clean Up”

    • PCA Celebrates its 45th anniversary.


    President: Janice Barber, Executive Director: Kathy Peterson

    • “Picnic in the Park” event Co-sponsored by the Olmsted Park Conservancy and the PCA



    President: Candace Lynn Bell, Executive Director: Kathy Peterson/Laverne Peakes

    • Kathy Peterson resigns

    • LaVerne Peakes hired as Executive director of the PCA

    • “The Complete History of Parkside” published by Steve Cichon


    President: Candace Lynn Bell, Executive Director: LaVerne Peakes/Ben Johnson

    • LaVerne Peakes resigns

    • Ben Johnson hired as Executive director of the PCA

    • Request for Proposals issued for NY Main Street Grant Program

    • Historic Walking Tours once again offered

    • New Membership E-mail alert system begun

    • Contractors Fair offered in early Spring

    • Sweetness-7 Café opens at corner of Russell and Parkside Avenue

    • Abandoned building “The Old Copper Kettle” at 2295 Main Street demolished


    President: Candace Lynn Bell, Executive Director: Ben Johnson

    • Welcome Baskets offered to new residents

    • Movies in the Meadow program returns

    • FairyCakes Cupcake opens on Parkside Avenue

    • Main Street Grant Awards issued, construction begins at 6 properties

    • Building Renovation begins with $200,000 UI grant.

    • Chocolate-Wine Tasting Tour offered at Choco-Logo

    • First Annual Chili Cook-off scheduled – Winner: Len Mattie

    • Members Beer Tasting Event scheduled

    • Winter Gala event

    • Reapportionment places the Vernon Triangle in the Master District


    President: Monica Cichon, Executive Director: Ben Johnson

    • Office Renovation completed

    • North Buffalo Neighbors offers volunteer transportation program for seniors

    • Main Street Streetscape improvements underway

    • Parkside Luminary Program for the winter solstice offered.

    • Fairfield Library sold by City to CSS to be developed as 5 rental units.

    • 2nd Annual Chili Cook-off scheduled – Winner: Kate Bukowski


    President: Monica Cichon, Executive Director: Ben Johnson/Amber A. Small

    • PCA hosts 1st annual Oktoberfest 5k in Delaware Park

    • PCA celebrates 50th anniversary at the Darwin Martin complex’s Greatbatch Pavilion

    • Ben Johnson resigns to focus on starting a business, Amber A. Small begins in September 2013

    • New York Main Street project is completed

    • $20k in funding received from the New York State Assembly

    • 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off scheduled – Winner: Magan Russ


    President: Monica Cichon, Executive Director: Amber A. Small



    President: Monica Cichon, Executive Director: Amber A. Small

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