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    Security Update January 3, 2017

    Friday, December 23rd, evening
    Reported by a resident
    Traffic accident in front of Medaille College. The driver lost control of their car, totalling the sign and severely damaging their vehicle. Medaille plans to rebuild the sign. 

    Thursday, December 29th @ 5:00 a.m.
    From Crimereports.com
    Robbery reported on the 2600 block of Main Street (between Vernon Place & Parker Avenue). No additional details available. 

    Friday, December 30th @ 9:00 a.m.
    From Crimereports.com
    Breaking & Entering reported on the 100 block of Humboldt Parkway (near Humboldt-Hospital Station). No additional details available. 

    Friday, December 30th, evening
    Reported by a resident
    Traffic accident at corner of Crescent and Amherst Friday evening.
    Driver hit cars and a lamp post. Neighbor report driver trying to flee the scene of the crime.

    Winter Weather Walking Tips

    From SIMA

     These are not conclusive, so as always, use your best judgement before travel.

    • Wear proper footwear. Proper footwear should place the entire foot on the surface of the ground and have visible treads. Avoid a smooth sole and opt for a heavy treaded shoe with a flat bottom.

    • Plan ahead. While walking on snow or ice on sidewalks or in parking lots, walk consciously. Instead of looking down, look up and see where your feet will move next to anticipate ice or an uneven surface. Occasionally scan from left to right to ensure you are not in the way of vehicles or other hazards.

    • Use your eyes and ears. While seeing the environment is important, you also want to be sure you can hear approaching traffic and other noises. Avoid listening to music or engaging in conversation that may prevent you from hearing oncoming traffic or snow removal equipment.

    • Anticipate ice. Be weary of thin sheets of ice that may appear as wet pavement (black ice). Often ice will appear in the morning, in shady spots or where the sun shines during the day and melted snow refreezes at night.

    • Walk steps slowly. When walking down steps, be sure to grip handrails firmly and plant your feet securely on each step.

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