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    Security Update August 28, 2017

    Ways To Stay Safe During Back-to-School Time

    Information Provided By the Buffalo Police Department

    In a few short weeks, school day congestion will be back. Whether students walk, bike, or take the bus to school, it is extremely important that they - and the motorists around them - take proper safety precautions.

    Please consider the following safety tips:

    Walking to school:

    • Plan a route to school or the bus stop. Select the most direct way with the fewest street crossings and with intersections that have crossing guards if possible.
    • Instruct your student to keep their head up and phone down! Never walk while texting or talking on the phone.
    • Be sure your child walks to and from school with a sibling, friend, or neighbor. Use Nextdoor to find other kids in the neighborhood who are walking the same route. Remember, there is safety in numbers.


    Driving Safety Tips:

    • Drivers have a lot to pay attention to, especially in school zones, and there is never an occasion that justifies using a phone while driving.
    • The area 10 feet around a school bus is the most dangerous for children. Stop far enough back to give them space to safely enter and exit the school bus.
    • Many children ride their bike to school. If you're turning right and a bicyclist is approaching from behind on the right, let the rider go through the intersection first, and always use your turn signal.

    Traffic calming signs have been purchased by the individual members of the PCA Traffic Committee in response to concerns of residents of the Parkside neighborhood and as a first step in showing our support. Please contact or stop by the PCA office if you would like a sign to place at your home. Small donations for the signs are welcome.


    Monday, August 21
    From Nextdoor.com
    Man rifling through vehicles reported by neighbor. Idividual was captured on video surveilence image below. Description of person involved – Hair: Dark goatee, Top: Light colored, Age: 20-30, Build: Large, Race: African American, Sex: Male, Other details: Drawstring backpack.

    Monday, August 21 @ 11AM
    From Crimereports.com
    Larceny/theft reported on Parkside (between W. Oakwood & Jewett). No additional details are available.

    Monday, August 21, @ 12PM
    From Crimereports.com
    Larceny/theft reported on Crescent (between Ruseell & Amherst). No additional details are available.

    Monday, August 21 @ 2PM
    From Crimereports.com & Nextdoor.com
    Robbery reported at the KayBank on Main (at the intersection of Jewett). Buffalo Police are seeking any video footage neighbors may have of the Main / Willowlawn / Crescent / Jewitt area from Monday, August 21, 2017 between 1:50PM - 2:10PM. If you captured any footage on your video system, please contact Det Heitzhaus at Telephone 716-851-4506 or [email protected] . Description of person involved – Top: Pink Victoria Secret Hooded Sweatshirt, Bottom: Unknown, Shoes: Unkown, Race: African American, Sex: Male, Other details: Suspect dropped cap on Willowlawn / Main and was an African American Male dressed as a female in a pink Victory Secret jacket and wig.

    Wednesday, August 23 @ 8AM
    From Crimereports.com
    Burglary reported at the intersection of Fillmore and Main. No additional details are available.  

    Wednesday, August 23 @ 11AM
    From Crimereports.com
    Assault reported at the intersection of Parker and Amherst. No additional details are available.  

    Wednesday, August 23 @ 12PM
    From Crimereports.com
    Burglary reported on Tillinghast (between Parkside & Colvin). No additional details are available.

    Wednesday, August 23 in the afternoon
    From Nextdoor.com
    Theft of car stroller reported by a resident from the porch of a home on Woodward (between Amherst & Crescent). Resident reports that the home was occupied during this time. 

    Wednesday, August 23 @ 4:30PM
    From Nextdoor.com
    Drug activity by two early 20's white males, parked on W. Oakwood (between Crescent & Summit). Resident reported this to police. 

    Wednesday, August 23 @ 11PM
    From a neighbor
    A neighbor reported sounds of 12 to 15 shots fired on Main (between Orchard & Parker). No additional details are available. 

    Friday, August 25 @ 1AM
    From a neighbor
    A neighbor reported load noises and raucus by a group of men on Crescent Avenue (between W. Oakwood & Jewett). This is the third, at least, such instance reported of similar activity in this location. 

    Sunday, August 27 @ 2AM
    From Crimereports.com
    Larceny/theft reported on Parkside (between Jewett & Russell).  No additional details are available. 

    The Buffalo Police Department has issued this PDF tip sheet to help deter and prevent automobile thefts. 

    If you are aware of traffic collisions that occur in the neighborhood please report the information to the PCA office for inclusion in the weekly Security Update. Traffic information is not available from our crime reporting sources. Email [email protected] or call 716-838-1240. Thank you.

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