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    PCA Century Home Plaque


    PCA Century Home Plaque Program

    The Parkside Century Home Plaque Program celebrates our historically designed Frederick Law Olmsted neighborhood and the significance of its homes. The plaque is available to all homeowners in Parkside. The circa option is used for years that are estimated (for example, circa 1899). Parkside Century Home Plaques are oval and made of bronze with a dark green background and a brushed raised surface. They are 10″ wide by 7″ high and are mounted by two brass screws. The cost of the plaque is $200.00 which includes shipping and handling to the PCA office.

    How old is your home? Would you like to find out? The PCA is offering to do the work for you. Fill out this form about your home and the PCA volunteers will do the research and supply you with documents to verify the year your house was built!