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    In an effort to best represent our community and the concerns of our residents, the PCA Traffic Committee and Parkside Community Association representatives have advocated for improvements to the function and safety of our local roadways to local, state, and federal officials. As a way to improve our advocacy efforts, the PCA has created the below comment form to ensure that residents’ concerns are being heard by our city officials. If you have a comment or concern regarding neighborhood traffic issues, we encourage you to contact our City Hall officials through this form below. In addition to sending an email directly to them, the PCA will be copied on all correspondence. This will allow us to track progress on the issues of concern to our neighbors, and to hold our government officials accountable. Below are several notes regarding traffic issues that the PCA has been involved in, should you choose to add them to your comments. The PCA will continue to ask our city officials for changes to improve the safety of our neighborhood with both infrastructure changes and police enforcement. If you have any questions, please also feel free to reach out to the PCA office at (716) 838-1240 orPCADirector@gmail.com

    Your comments submitted on this page will be sent to Councilman Joel P. Feroleto, Commissioner Stepniak and Police Chief Barba. Please use the Ctrl-V command to paste into the comment box, should you shoose to add any of the PCA's notes to your comments after copying (Ctrl-C).


     PCA Traffic Advocacy Notes:

    •                  The PCA supports reconstruction of Parkside and Florence Avenue to improve the safety for all users

    •                  The PCA supports reducing the number of lanes on Parkside Avenue to improve the safety of all users from 4 to 3 lanes with a center turning lane and dedicated eastside parking.

    •                  The PCA is requesting that all crosswalks along Parkside Avenue be restriped to improve pedestrian safety, as the current markings are significantly deteriorated.

    •                  The PCA is requesting that there be "No Right on Red" at any signalized intersection in the Parkside neighborhood to improve the safety of pedestrians. 

    •                  The PCA is requesting that there be bump outs be installed in conjunction with the restriping of Parkside.

    •                  The PCA is requesting that all of the crosswalks in the neighborhood be painted with standard white lines at minimum as a traffic calming measure. We are further pursuing artist painted crosswalks.

    •                  The PCA is advocating for community engagement regarding the proposed toolbox of traffic calming measures proposed by the city in their traffic study.

    The PCA implores the City of Buffalo to direct increased enforcement to our neighborhood streets.  As is always the case we continue to see speeding, stop sign running, and reckless driving in the neighborhood and without additional traffic calming measures installed we are not seeing a change in peoples respect for the traffic laws or community members. 


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